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GENERAL INFO is not and has never been an agent, broker, associate, fiduciary, servicor or representative for either party in connection with any transaction on this site and cannot enforce nor confirm any obligations the parties they may have in performing, cooperating, or otherwise with the other party in the transactions contemplated on this site or through the site. has no control over, or involvement in, a seller's asking price or a buyer's offering price. Each note for sale has significant information available from the seller, but buyers should always do their own due diligence and research. Buyers often use an outside Appraisal review service for a desk review to confirm loan to value; a key complement for an asset based loan. No fees shall be assessed unless outlined in the terms of use and terms & conditions.

DISCLAIMER is the premier web based marketplace for buyers and sellers of notes to work directly together as their own agents and representatives. The marketplace is an efficient loan trading platform where Buyers and Sellers can communicate directly and trade privately with the site guiding them through the seamless transaction process. The Seller will put together a fully compliant disclosure packages for sale. The packages are reviewed by experienced web monitors for proper disclosures and complaint processes that give full confidence to new buyers. The Sellers must provide all critical documents  and information, or the site will not accept the note for sale. The marketplace wants Buyers to always have accurate data to use for their investment decisions. The marketplace transaction process requires Buyers to show proof of funds before offer presentation. Buyers and Sellers can both feel confident the transaction will close quickly and properly. With all vendors available for loan servicing you can rest assured your new/old client will be smoothly integrated into any servicing system.

No Buyer Fees Ever! We believe our Trust Deed Note Buyers should always make the most in the market.


1% of the Purchase Price for Newly Originated Notes & Performing Notes. 1.25% for Non-Performing.

.75% of the Purchase Price for Newly Originated Notes & Performing Notes. 1.25% for Non-Performing/Mixed.



$750 is the minimum Fee for any Type of Note or Amount.

Independent Insured Bonded Third Party will handle funds, preparation of assignment, review of complete collateral file package and facilitate recording of assignment if needed (for additional fee).



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